110V Multifunction Wood Burning Tool Pyrography Machine 50W 20Pcs Pyrography Nib Portable Pyrography Machine Dual Pen Wood Pyrography Crafts Kit


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  • Normal use temperature 0-1000 degrees, the use of high temperature and high strength, high impedance alloy tip, 1000 degrees temperature can be baked rendering, fine rendering
  • 20 pieces diameter 1 mm electric wire, high temperature, 2 pieces high strength, high impedance alloy pens. The screwdriver can install and disassemble pen head
  • High-resistance alloy pen tip with high strength at high temperature and not soft, long life of anti-oxidation, carbon deposition, etc
  • Copper pen head is multi-purpose use in rendering, painting, inking in the lines, silking and calligraphy
  • CD tutorial: a CD , the contents of the traditional pyrograph based tutorial, into the computer drive to watch the video.

Name:50W Multifunction Pyrography Machine
Voltage: AC 0V
Material: Plastic casing
Machine Size: about 50 x 0 x 05mm(L * W *H)
Cable length:about 25mm
Pyrography pen:
The tip mounting hole diameter of mm, clamping screw M, Pitch 7 mm
Handle diameter: 8mm, long 0mm
Handle material: insulation bakelite
Line length: 0mm, copper core .5 square
Pen point Material: copper alloy
How to use:
. Turn on the switch. Turn the switch on when you use it. Turn it off when not in use
2. Thermostat, is to adjust the temperature of the pen, the normal adjustment of the temperature in the light gray area, the red zone is high temperature, please try not to transfer to high temperature. This can easily shorten the service life, and may cause the burnout of other components
.Electric wire tip of the adjustment, through the thermostat, slowly adjust the voltage, electric wire tip is gray orange red can
4. Within the heat baked pen thermostat, do not make the writing temperature of more than 600 degrees, it is easy to burn the written head, the heat a little red tip

October 11, 2018
Me enviaron diferente producto no estoy contenta
Arthur Winder
January 22, 2019
This woodburner is the best ive used out of all the burners i have had over the years. You can make it extremely hot if needed or just enough to make a burn mark. The 2 burners make it easy and more efficient to change tips without having to wait for it to cool down first. Its a great burner. Would buy again
December 26, 2017
The unit did not work correctly, which is not the sellers fault. So, she issued a refund of my purchase. So, I'm satisfied