BikeMaster Foam Grips (7/8' X 4-3/4)


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  • BikeMaster is a brand that focuses on quality, performance, and value priced products for motorcycles and ATV's.
  • Very soft "closed cell" foam.
  • Absorbs vibration.
  • Ozone and UV-resistant.
  • For 7/8" bars.

4-/4" overall length. Sold as a pair.

October 12, 2017
These work great! Fit right over my stock grips. Took out the plastic tubes first. I used some dish soap, for installation. Really cuts down the vibration of my Buell. My first set lasted my about 3 years / or 14,000 miles of commuting/casual riding.
November 6, 2016
These grips are durable enough for me and inexpensive to replace as needed. I ride 3/4 of the year and these will breakdown over the years. a pair last me about 3 years before the grip material gets grainy and brittle.
I appreciate the rounded thicker middle material of the grip fits my hands well. Rather than a thin straight hard rubber, these thicker grips are easy to hold and turn.
Love 'em.
April 17, 2013
I would prefer these grips to be a LITTLE more firm, but for the most part they work really well. I didn't need any grip glue at all. The left grip went on with a rubber mallet, and the throttle grip went on by just pushing and pulling a bit, and holds quite snug, so there is no slipping when adjusting the throttle. Excellent vibration absorption.
I haven't gotten caught in the rain, so I can't speak to their inclement weather performance, but I would imagine they would soak up a bit of water, but still maintain their grip. I would also imagine that they'll need to be replaced more often then a firm rubber grip, as the foam will tend to wear off. But, for $7 bucks, free shipping and less then 10 minutes installation? Replacing them doesn't worry me at all.
August 2, 2015
I can't imagine riding my scooter without them. This grips take some work to get on but are worth the effort. Mine had been on for over two years until I tore one when the bike turned over. Otherwise, I think the first pair would still be going. I find nothing negative to say about this product. Buy it!
christopher williams
May 8, 2019
Very comfortable! My hands usually cramp up fast, but didn’t bother me after 4 hours of riding. The problem is that they were already torn by the time I got home. Would be a life saver if more durable.
T A Tisdell Services
March 7, 2019
Love them, easy to install using some compressed air to remove old and help new on the bars.
Jody C.
December 12, 2018
Soon as I put them on, one ripped. I exspected as much since it is soft foam