ILM Motorcycle Jackets, Carbon Fiber Armor Shoulder, Moto Jacket for Men and Women (L, BLACK)


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  • Unique Ventilation System Ideal for Summer Ride
  • Waterproof Outer Shell with Removable Thermal Quilted Liner for Winter Use
  • Removable C.E. Approved Armor in Spine & Elbows
  • Extra External Shoulders Back Chest and Kidney Armor
  • Reflective White Tape for Visibility

JK4 Jacket
The JK4 is more functionality for true year-round riding. External armor pockets make it easier to ditch those phones when you're not riding. A reinvented ventilation scheme improves air flow on warm days and an included removable full-sleeve thermal liner is there to retain your body heat when riding in colder weather.

Kevin Metzner
July 11, 2018
I was motorcycling , in the city on the highway when I was essentially blindsided first my back hit the bumper of the car, from there I was bounced around on the road until I came to a sliding stop.
This accident occurred about 72 mph.
I was actually wearing this jacket at the time of the accident along with helmet,gloves boots and long pants, I didn’t get a inch of road rash, I had a upgraded backpad, the jacket only scuffed but did not tear or rip. I was actually amazed because I expected to not only have broken bones and possibly a broken back possibly neck problems by I was able to walk out of the hospital the same night.
Sure I was sore as hell but I wasn’t cut or road rashed anywhere on my body.
I think luck played a role in the accident,however things would have been much worse without all the armor.
Also I wore and still wear this jacket every day at 95F humid days in Florida moving it’s breathable and keeps you cool.
July 4, 2018
After wearing this for over a month, this is a real good jacket for the price. It is water proof. It does keep you a bit warm at weather from 45 or so and it’s actually ventilated when opening all the zipper vents and losing the inner liner. Hell I ride with this at 90 temperature and doesn’t even break a sweat. Only take it off when I stop otherwise the more I ride the more air that gets it to cool my body.
I. Simmons
May 21, 2018
Ok so let me start by I love this jacket and won't get another. Why three stars then?!? Because this jacket does not have a lot of protection on the sides for kidneys like my old leather jacket had. It seems like some of the areas of protection are just not top grade. Now that said it's better than nothing and it's comfortable. It has four vent openings two on back and two on arms. It has a removable liner for a little extra warmth I took out because it was really warm to me with it in. It only has the two pockets on the front I would like a couple more but that is not the reason for losing points. I have only docked points for my thoughts on it's offered protection. Otherwise it is my mistake for buying a jacket without features I want not the jacket that's not up to par.
Benjamin D Smith
May 20, 2018
I got the jacket just yesterday and wore it today for Day 2 of my riding course. First half of the day was dry and overcast. Perfect for training... Then it started raining. Course only stops for lightning so we were still riding. One of the exercises they had us quickly accelerate then hard brake before cornering. Bike goes right out from under me and I go skidding across the pavement for 15 ft or so with the bike on top of me. The carbon fiber shoulder pad took 95% of the impact and I walked away with some minor road rash on my knee, and my entire shoulder still in tact. So in short... It definitely protects as it should and does a pretty good job of it. Would definitely recommend.
Brian Hamilton
May 9, 2018
The jacket is ok, I ordered an XXL and I'm glad I did. I'm 6' 250lbs. and it fits snugly.
The material is what you'd expect from an inexpensive jacket. I like the look and the reinforced areas are wellplaced.
Having said that, I have to mention the excruciatingly long shipping time. I ordered the jacket in the evening on April 30th. It took until May 3rd for the company to begin the shipping process. I didn't get the jacket until late afternoon on May 9th. It shipped free from California to Ohio.
Still, 9 days is a long time for an item to arrive.
They need to get their shipping department together.
I would have given 4 stars, but for the long shipping time.
Chasen Parker
March 26, 2018
Looks sharp. Basic protection, but better than nothing.

Warm enough for Texas cold weather (30/40 degrees) with normal clothes underneath. Took out the liner now that it’s in the 60’s and vents enough, but nothing fantastic.

There’s arm straps by the biceps that are constantly coming undone. May just remove them.
Zippers are a little sticky.

It was a gift and they ordered a medium. At 5”8 150lbs it’s a good fit.
Garrett A. Hardy
May 13, 2018
This does come with a spine pad and a nice large plast zipper bag for storing the insulation for winter time. Fit and finish are nice and the material is nice and thick. It has shoulder pads that you can see bit it also has elbow pads. It has zip up cooling fins. I rode home when it was 50 degrees at night once this week and was still comfortable.