Suburban 232767 Water Heater Anode Rod


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  • Magnesium anode rod
  • For use in RV water heaters
  • Absorbs the corrosive action caused by hot water
  • Extends water heater tank life
  • Anode rods should be replaced regularly, keep a spare in your RV

's magnesium anode rod is perfect for use in RV water heaters. The anode rod absorbs the corrosive effects of hot water to extend the life of your water heater's tank. Remember to replace worn anodes to insure consistent protection. We recommend that you keep a spare on hand.

July 12, 2017
I am really glad I replaced this. I don't know how the previous owner thought it was okay to still use an anode rod that was so deteriorated and that was so rusty. Cheaper than the RV store and delivered on time. The product was genuine Suburban brand as well.
G. Hampton
September 15, 2017
Easy to install, and worked perfectly. I bought a used travel trailer, and the anode rod had never been changed in the 9 year old water heater. It was definitely time to change it, as the one I replaced was almost completely dissolved. Changing it offers a great opportunity to clean out the water heater and change the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve if necessary. Mine was dripping continuously, so I changed it at the same time. I bought all of the parts from Amazon, and everything came quickly, was exactly what I expected, and worked as advertised.Camco 10471/10473 3/4" Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve with 4" Epoxy-Coated Probe The TPR Valves are supposed to be checked for proper operation every year, and are easy to replace with the correct tool.Camco 10552 Universal Temperature and Pressure Valve Remover
Floyd Mc
June 30, 2015
Use magnesium anode rods for your water heater. Magnesium works harder to keep your water heater from eating its self up. The aluminum and zinc anodes last longer, but do half the work in saving the steel lining in your water heater. If you are not using the water heater, drain the water out, this will stop the electrolisys action. Constant maintainance and $17 dollars is cheaper than $400. & labor costs for a new water heater
Doug Little
October 17, 2017
anode is fine as expected. BUT do not buy the Camco 09883 5" Residential Screw-In Water Heater Element Wrench recommended for the anode.

it doesn't fit. it's not even for an RV anode, it's for a residential water heater - which if you read the detail is what it says. Looks like this amazon recommendation is a fail. At least they say they'll refund my money for the wrench.
Southern Contractor
January 28, 2017
Was having issues with the "rotten egg" smell of the hot water in the RV. I usually drain and flush the hot water tank after each trip if it's going to sit idle for more than a week or two. Reading the forums pointed me to look at the metal composition of the rods I was using (not Suburban brand). I've been using the Suburban brand for 6 months now (same rod), with no odor from the hot water.
January 6, 2018
The product appears to be a genuine Suburban product which should work well. I have not yet installed it but rated 3 stars because the package had been opened. I ordered a new product and did not expect to receive a previously returned product.
Ultimate Ordnance
October 6, 2017
My old rod had been in the water heater for six years. That's way too long. It was badly corroded. I flushed the water heater while wiggling a piece of small hose around inside it, to get as much crud from inside it as possible. I wrapped the threads on the new one with teflon thread tape before installing it. No leaks.